The energy trilemma

Energy systems around the world are undergoing radical change as we strive to find ways of supplying clean, affordable and secure power. These competing aims are widely known as the ‘energy trilemma’. Battery storage is regarded as a game-changing technology which can help to address these challenges.

Introduction to Become Energy

Become Energy is a developer, funder and asset manager of battery storage projects for large energy consumers. We ‘make positive energy simple’ for businesses by providing a fully-funded, turnkey battery storage solution in partnership with our key technical and financial partners.

Turn your electricity liability into an asset

At Become Energy, we’re using battery storage to turn your electricity liability into an asset.

 Savings – Battery storage can cut your annual energy costs by 5-15% and generate income from otherwise underused assets.

 Flexibility – Battery storage lets you respond to a rapidly changing energy system, whatever the future holds.

 Impact – Battery storage can help your business to inspire, engage and empower its stakeholders, and turn action into positive impact.

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