Optimisation & Maintenance – O&M Reinvented

National Grid’s 2017 Future Energy Scenarios predicts electricity storage capacity in the UK could grow to almost 6GW by 2020. At Become Energy, we think the best place for this growth is behind-the-meter, or in other words, in our businesses and homes.

This approach means there’s no need to buy up land or invest in expensive new grid connections, and most importantly, the benefits flow to the consumer, in the form of cost savings, revenues and greater control of energy consumption.

But the industry – and the technology – is in its infancy. This creates challenges for businesses who want to take an industry leading position as early adopters of battery storage, and who need to navigate what are often complex planning, legal, technical and commercial decisions in order to evaluate the opportunity and select and configure a battery storage system appropriately.

The characteristics of battery storage systems differ widely between manufacturers, and these parameters – from power rating, capacity, cell chemistry, round-trip efficiency, degradation profile and tolerance to various depth of discharge – will all have an influence on the economic viability of a project.

Once the appropriate technical solution has been identified and a battery storage system installed, the next step is to maximise the economic returns. Ensuring the value from the battery is maximised 24/7 requires a different skill set – O&M – but as a recent article in industry publication PV Tech explains – the O in this case is all about optimisation, not operation.

Determining when the battery should charge, discharge or export electricity, which revenues to stack and when, and how to maximise the returns whilst respecting site operational constraints and the technical characteristics of the system are all key to optimising the commercial performance of the system and its lifespan.

At Become Energy, our aim is to use our expertise to simplify the process and guide businesses through these stages. We develop, fund and manage battery storage systems for businesses, and  ‘make positive energy simple’ by providing a fully funded, turnkey battery storage solution, in partnership with our key technical and financial partners.

We’re fortunate to count industry-leading experts as part of our team.  Our CTO, Michael Clark, led one of the UK’s largest smart grid trials, Low Carbon London, for UK Power Networks and has worked in the electricity industry since 2004, advising developers, suppliers, network operators and investors on technical and market strategy. More recently, we’re delighted to welcome Matthew Boulton on board as COO. In his previous role as COO of Solarcentury, Matthew was responsible for all aspects of global project and service delivery, overseeing the deployment of over 750MW of solar PV across Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Our in-house experts are here to help ‘make positive energy simple’ for your company. Get in touch today to begin exploring how your business can benefit from a bespoke battery storage system that is optimised for your business’s requirements.

Matt Allen is Founder and CEO of Become Energy